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Play games and compete with others to learn Rust, sharpen your coding skills, and build smart contracts.

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Experience the adventure of Fast, Cheap & 0ut 0f Control, a daring educational game that challenges coding norms and equips you with the skills and tools needed to conquer blockchain development.

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Learning smart contract development is a radical journey that pushes the boundaries of your programming knowledge and propels you to the forefront of the future digital economy.

Explore: New Paradigms

It’s not about just leveling up your skills alone – it’s about tearing down the walls of your traditional coding beliefs and embracing the world of opportunities that smart contract development has to offer.

Unlock: New Opportunities

Smart contracts have the chance to significantly impact the future of finance. Learn smart contract development to be on the cutting edge of this innovative and compelling technology.

Create: Meaningful Change

We love exciting tech, but what thrills us most is solving real problems. As a developer, you have the power to make a positive impact. FCA00C is here to support you, providing education and tools to enter the fray with integrity and build the future of finance the right way.

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Blockchain: Beyond the Hype

Blockchain has the potential to be revolutionary but has been troubled by hacks that take away from the groundbreaking ideas.


At FCA00C, we don’t downplay the vulnerabilities found in Web3 development.


It’s time to address blockchain’s flaws and work together to fill in the cracks. FCA00C is fun and games, but it’s fun and games with real purpose.


FCA00C quests focus on teaching developers to build in a way that addresses the gaps hindering blockchain in financial services.

If it’s broke, write better code

Talking about problems without finding solutions isn't our style. We’re guessing it’s probably not yours either.

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Every smart contract’s performance hinges on the developer’s vigilance and ingenuity.


Too many devs write code that neglects the vulnerabilities and risks unique to smart contracts.


Let’s lean into the challenge. There’s never been a better time to build something good!

Trial by Fire:
FCA00C Live

Got something to prove? Sign up to receive notifications about upcoming FCA00C Live quests, where complex arcade-style games test your speed and efficiency. Smash a record and compete for awards by completing unique coding and arithmetic challenges – if you dare.

Smart Contract:
Practical Applications

Millions of unbanked people are left stranded by archaic financial infrastructure, while local economic fluctuations and upheavals disrupt countless lives.

See how smart contracts can foster global access to a connected financial system.

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The Power of Web3

Smart contracts have the potential to transform payments, connect the fragmented world economy, and open up access to new and existing financial infrastructure.

Learning to build on and use blockchain technology and Web3 can help you be the change we want to see in the world. Discover some of the use cases that are already making a difference.

Get out there and start changing the game.

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