The Tutorial

Embark on an exciting journey to master smart contract development through a captivating and gamified learning experience. With each challenge you conquer, you’ll get exclusive NFTs as a testament to your growing expertise.

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Start Learning in Gitpod

Follow step-by-step instructions in a pre-configured, user-friendly learning environment. Practice building and deploying smart contracts on a testing network, gaining hands-on experience in a simple, safe, and controlled environment.

Learn at Your Own Pace

No need to rush! Our modular quests allow you to learn and complete tasks at your convenience. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced developer, you can take the quests multiple times to reinforce your skills and gain more practice.

Claim Unique NFT Prizes

Each successfully completed mission unlocks a special badge, which can be claimed as an award for your achievements. Showcase your progress and stand out as a skilled smart contract developer.

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Begin your coding adventure

Step into the captivating world of Soroban, the Stellar network’s cutting-edge smart contracts platform. In The Tutorial, each level represents a thrilling chapter of Soroban Quest.

Journey towards smart contract mastery

Join Blossom Bernice Bredenblach (“Bee”) and Roscoe, our intrepid heroes, as they set out on an adventure to find the legendary Golden Soroban. This powerful artifact holds unimaginable power, but its misuse could spell disaster for all. Become an integral part of their story as you learn to build on Soroban and help them in their quest.

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We have active communities in both our Stellar Developer Discord and Stellar Quest Twitter. Use these channels to ask any questions, keep up with announcements, and engage with other devs.