Put your programming skills to the test in RPCiege, a series of pulse-pounding coding challenges that test your abilities as a Soroban developer. Engage in thrilling battles against an onslaught of network requests and collect iconic NFTs with each victorious match.

Journey to RPCiege

Practical Training Ground

Explore a realm where education and practical application converge. RPCiege offers a hands-on approach to writing smart contracts with Rust, giving you the opportunity to refine your coding skills so that you can emerge as a true master in this ever-evolving field.

Unlock Rare Collectibles

Crush challenges and complete tasks to earn exclusive commemorative digital cards featuring epic heroes and villains. These awards showcase your expertise and achievements, elevating your profile to legendary status.

Compete, Rise, & Become Unhackable

Engage in epic battles, dominate the territory map, and unleash your inner warrior. RPCiege offers a novel opportunity to demonstrate your strategic thinking through unique coding challenges, allowing you to forge a path to unparalleled glory.

Computer with code window

Conquer Skirmishes, Win Mastery

Haven’t you heard that fortune favors the brave? New challenges are released regularly, so check back often! Each skirmish presents specific objectives, unlocking your potential as you advance.

Soroban NFT

Not yet ready for the fight?

Don’t worry, warriors aren’t made overnight. FCA00C: The Tutorial is your ultimate training, walking you step-by-step through the basics of smart contract development.

Play The Tutorial

Looking to change the game IRL?

Explore the ultimate end-to-end course to build and deploy real world, fully decentralized dapps on Soroban, the Stellar network’s leading smart contracts platform.

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Connect with fellow questers.

We have active communities in both our Stellar Developer Discord and Stellar Quest Twitter. Use these channels to ask any questions, keep up with announcements, and engage with other devs.